2012 Scorecard


The Bus Project went two for two in issues it supported in 2012.

1) The Bus supported one legislator in the May primary: Bob Jenson, a moderate Republican…

whom Bus Project Political Director Henry Kraemer describes as one of “Oregon’s great moderate Republicans” — a champion of voter access, tuition equity, and economic fairness. Jenson won 52.4 percent of the vote.

2) An influx of underserved families strains the aging facilities and overburdened personnel in the David Douglas School District in East Portland. The Bus Project fielded two canvasses in East Portland to support a $49.5 million bond initiative to support the schools: a “lit drop” and a turn-out-the-vote drive the weekend before voting closed on May 15. (Most ballots in Oregon are mailed in.) Volunteers knocked on 6,185 doors in East Portland, exceeding the number of voters who participated in the previous primary held there (4,899). The measure passed.

3) While the mayoral run of Bus Project founder Jefferson Smith was not an official project, he came in second and advances to a November runoff.



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