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The Washington Spectator is an ad-free, independent journal featuring uncompromised and uncompromising reporting. Founded by reporter and Vietnam War critic Tristram Coffin in 1975, the Spectator brings you progressive investigative reporting, commentary, and dispatches on undercovered locations and topics. Spectator Publisher Hamilton Fish’s commitment to editorial independence means that nothing—and no one—is off limits. Four decades after Tristram Coffin’s push to move beyond the confines of conventional journalism, The Spectator has stayed true to its mission: report stories the big media outlets overlook.

Spectator editor Lou Dubose, co-author of The Hammer—the book that indicted Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay, has filed stories from Guantanamo, Alaska, Mexico City, Washington State’s Lummi Nation, and the Mississippi Delta.

Rick Perlstein, the Spectator’s National Correspondent, was the first American reporter to predict that Donald Trump would win the GOP nomination and remains the only living journalist to binge-watch every episode of “The Apprentice.”

The ranks of the Spectator’s world-renowned journalists, scholars, and activists include: renegade writer William T. Vollmann on poverty in America, Pulitzer Prize-winning David Cay Johnston on winners and losers in our post-industrial economy, Spain’s Ortega y Gasset Prize-winning Judith Torrea on the narco wars in Ciudad Juaréz, climate change activist legend Bill McKibben on the campaign to end our addiction to fossil fuels, lawyer-journalist Scott Horton truth-testing CIA lawyer John Rizzo’s auto-hagiography, and Rev. William Barber describing the fierce urgency of the modern civil rights movement.

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