Blum’s Box Score

In our November 15 issue, Lou Dubose uncovers Edward Blum’s campaign to wipe out the Voting Rights Act. Here’s the status of his other enterprises to date.

Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin (2012)
Abigail Fisher is challenging the University of Texas admissions process, which uses race as one admission criterion. Awaiting Supreme Court decision.

Shelby County, Alabama v. Eric H. Holder Jr. (2012)
Attorneys for Shelby County and the city of Calera, Alabama, are asking the courts to declare unconstitutional a Voting Rights Act provision that requires jurisdictions with a history of racial discrimination at the polling place to preclear all election law changes with the Department of Justice. Filed for appeal at the Supreme Court.

Lepak v. City of Irving (2011)
Irving, Texas, moved from at-large city council elections to elections in six single-member districts. Plaintiffs alleged the city council district created for the city’s Hispanic residents is illegal because it includes fewer voters than the other five districts. Plaintiffs lost at the district and appeals court.

Parents Involved in Community Schools v. Seattle School District No. One and Crystal D. Meredith v. Jefferson County Board of Education (2007)
To achieve better racial balance, school districts in Washington and Kentucky devised plans that used race as a variable in campus assignments. White families and students funded by Blum’s Project prevailed at the Supreme Court.

N.W. Austin MUD No. One v. Holder (2008)
A Texas municipal utility district challenged the constitutional authority of the Justice Department to require preclearance of election laws and prevailed at the Supreme Court.

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