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Category: Environment


A Fossil-Fueled Market Bubble

by Brett Fleishman | Apr 3, 2014 | Environment

  Amid 200 pages of predictably and mind-numbingly dry text, the world’s seventh-largest oil company foreshadowed something big. Here are the exact words, which Shell buried in the  report’s “risk factors” section: “If we are unable to find economically viable, as well as publicly acceptable, solutions that reduce our CO2 emissions for new and existing projects or […]

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The Race to Save Chesapeake Bay

by Alison Fairbrother | Mar 1, 2014 | Environment

  On a brilliant fall day, Stan Pennington and Eric Hines ride out in a government Jeep, surveying the rolling hills of Carroll County, Maryland, but they come to a stop when the pastoral scene takes an ugly turn. Pennington, who grew up in the area and has worked with local farmers for more than […]

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Perils of Watered-Down Regulations

by Jill Richardson | Jan 28, 2014 | Environment

  There’s a folksy saying my grandma taught me: ‘If it smells like licorice and tastes like licorice, it must be licorice.’ Now it has a corollary: ‘Or it could also be a 4-methylcyclohexane methanol spill into your water supply, so grab the children and run for your lives.’ It’s not quite as folksy anymore.” […]

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Major Media Sing Nuclear Praises

by Joseph Mangano | Jan 7, 2014 | Environment

The nuclear power industry is having its roughest time since reactors were first conceived in the 1950s. Health risks are at the core of the problem. At Fukushima, huge amounts of radioactivity continue to pour into the Pacific Ocean. Nobody knows exactly where the three melted reactor cores are—somewhere in or under the buildings—since it […]

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A Typhoon Tax?

by Janet Redman | Nov 21, 2013 | Environment

  Americans are generous by nature. About half of U.S. families contributed to earthquake relief in Haiti in 2010, and millions of us have already supported typhoon aid for the Philippines. But there’s a golden opportunity for our country to do much more. We can help generations of Filipinos withstand the typhoon seasons that rock […]

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