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Category: Legal Affairs

How to Pass Bills and Influence Legislators

by WS Editors | May 15, 2011 | Legal Affairs, Politics

Marching Orders Introduce a resolution supporting repeal of ObamaCare to send the repeal message to members of your state’s congressional delegation. Decline to enforce ObamaCare’s “consumer protections.” —from ALEC’s Repealing ObamaCare Adopt legislation prohibiting EPA by any means necessary from regulating Green House Gasses. States should pursue all available legal means for opposing EPA regulation… —from […]

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Exit DeLay | Boehner Inc. | No Sweat

by WS Editors | Dec 15, 2010 | Economy, Legal Affairs

EXIT DELAY—On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Tom DeLay’s political career came full circle in an Austin courthouse five blocks south of the Capitol building where his career began in 1979. The former majority leader of the U.S. House of Representatives was found guilty of money laundering and conspiracy to engage in money laundering. Executives from […]

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Did a Federal Judge Hand a Blank Check to Defense Contractors?

by Lou Dubose, Shawn Martin | Nov 15, 2010 | Legal Affairs

Military-Industrial Complicity “At the end of the day, what does this represent to the taxpayer? … A net loss. This is a contractors’ private club. … This is about them taking care of themselves.” —A National Guard source speaking anonymously “Their solution was to make it up,” Victor Kubli said. “That’s right, make it up.” […]

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An Incentive to Buy High | Uncle | Non, je ne regretted rien

by WS Editors | Nov 15, 2010 | Economy, Legal Affairs

An Incentive to Buy High—If the General Services Administration is the government’s “Office Depot Catalog,” as attorney Victor Kubli describes it on page 1 of this issue, the Industrial Funding Fee is an enticement for vendors listed in the catalog to gouge the government. The fee funds the agency, which receives no appropriation to operate. […]

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Cuccinelli in Court | Houston Votes

by WS Editors | Oct 1, 2010 | Environment, Legal Affairs

Cuccinelli In Court—In the September 1 issue we referred to the scientific critique that Virginia Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli included in a broad subpoena of the correspondence of climate scientist Michael Mann. In denying the subpoena, a circuit court judge in Virginia made it clear that he’s not buying Cuccinelli’s science. “The court has read […]

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