In response to “Tell Me How This Ends” (January 1, 2012 issue)

Dear Mr. Dubose,

Now comes Ole Nick and I don’t mean St Nick! Nick’s writing reminds me how he could be a cross between an inch worm and a roly poly bug looking for ways to curl up or inch his way through and out of the truth. A weasel would also fit. Turse does make a point that I strongly agree with and that is the unmitigated extravagance of the “Barack mentality.” Nick focuses on the nearly 4 years of corrupt presidential incompetence and his Chicago thuggery, which are reflected all through this peice. I draw a line in the Iraq sand when Nick’s trusty strikes at the heart of my guys over there away from families serving and protecting this corrupt Barack government while ole N. Turse sits in the warm comfort of some den savoring some favorite brand of rocks, weed or coke, never within a continent of an IED or RPG. Yes, ole Nick can safely sit at a desk somewhere pecking out a hit piece of critical tripe dancing and skipping around the truth while someone else does the sacrificing never once showing he has the common courtesy or humility to say “thank you,” and The Washington Spectator sits back and applauds this brainless punk.

Nick, listen closely, when you write a stupid ungrateful article try and gather yourself (pull away from the weed) for a moment and don’t leave out this one cold hard dirty fact. The boys and girls in uniform serve at the pleasure of the “Commander-in-Chief” and it is Barack Hussein Obama who directed the war pursuit not General Petraeus! Harry Truman had a sign on his presidential desk that read “The Buck Stops Here!” Barack doesn’t have the cajones to measure up to Harry and likewise N. Turse does not have the onions to tell the American people the truth but would rather cover for BHO. You have no shame, Nick Turse.

Jim Hawkins

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