Letters: ‘The earth is doomed’

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Re: “Environmentalism on the Offense for a Change,” The Washington Spectator, March 1. I was a supporter of the American Association for the Advancement of Science for many years. I can no longer support it since I’m now on Social Security. These scientists have been warning us for decades that what we were doing by filling the atmosphere with carbon emissions was destroying our beautiful planet. Well, we’ve done it. Even if we immediately stopped burning fossil fuels, it’s too late. The earth is doomed. Our government is corrupt. We have a plutocratic, oligarchic theocracy.

—Marylou Thompson, San Antonio, Texas



Follow Military Spending

I would like to see more articles (and graphs) on how the U.S. war budget is compared with other nations (similar to the “End Page” in the March 1 issue). You could also include the extreme costs of certain items—from fighter jets to hammers and toilet seats. I’m sure that the International Institute for Strategic Studies has a lot of this information. It would be great if you could devote four pages to this topic—maybe eight. Money needs to be used for domestic and international needs. I think it is important to point out that increased military spending will only further weaken our nation while not providing solutions to the many problems we currently face. I am glad The Washington Spectator is now eight pages. An excellent publication.

—Jim Anderson, Lincoln, Nebraska

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