No Democracy Without Reform
The last election was an absolutely disgusting spectacle in Ohio, largely but not totally due to the stunning influx of TV and radio commercials from the so-called super-PACs. [“Smart Money,” Washington Spectator, December 1, 2012] Many of us just about wore out the mute button on our TV clickers! It seems to me that the two-party system as presently constituted needs a complete overhaul…
—Rev. Ross Jackson
Editor’s Response: Attached to this letter was an ambitious seven-point reform plan that includes term limits, public financing of elections, and time limits on electoral campaigns.

Demanding Gun Control
I will use your talking points when I phone my legislators, Mr. Dubose. I never knew a thing about Wayne LaPierre until his recent “rant” and the media attention given him as a result.
—Linda Hassler
Editor’s Response: The talking points in the December 24 blog post can be found here.

Election Fraud in Ohio
Your coverage of [Ohio Secretary of State] Jon Husted’s last-minute purchase of “voting machine software” in Ohio was excellent. Before 2016, you should spend some time and money in Ohio. It is a test laboratory for election fraud.
—Richard Whidden

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