Lou Dubose: Bush Name Is a Political Liability

Thursday saw the official opening of the George W. Bush presidential library. It was a day to remember the Iraq War, tax cuts for the 1 percent, a failed attempt to privatize Social Security, and an enormous giveaway to pharmaceutical companies as well as endless reassurances that America will stay the course, whatever that meant. In other words, it was a reminder that America is tired of the Bush Brand.

On Thursday, Barbara Bush said: “We’ve had enough Bushes” in White House. But even if Jeb Bush, the former president’s younger brother, were to gain the nomination of his party, the GOP, as our Lou Dubose pointed out in the above video, is so far to the right and so in thrall to the cult of Ronald Reagan, that all the Bushes — George H.W., George W., and Jeb — are in today’s Republican Party persona non grata.

And Lou ought to know.

He spent three days reporting in the field at the the Conservative Political Action Conference in March. What he saw was a litany of big names making their case to the GOP’s radical base, as they have done since Reagan, who addressed CPAC 14 times.

But beyond the big speeches, Lou discovered a CPAC that serves as “a right-wing politics kindercamp, where college students are flown in for four days of political indoctrination.” The result, Lou reported for our May issue, is “a party so extreme that it is toxic.”

Lou appeared on Al Sharpton’s PoliticsNation Thursday night along with fellow Texan Jim Hightower.

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