After the Fall

…rships and their judges. And now they control Congress. What’s the point of being the president?” —Hamilton Fish Hamilton Fish is the publisher of The Washington Spectator….

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…y it and, again, welcome to our growing list of Washington Spectator subscribers. Best wishes, Hamilton Fish, Publisher    CLICK HERE FOR YOUR FREE GIFT        …


…tem than the press. Editor and Publisher Hamilton Fish summarizes the Washington Spectator’s mission this way: “In an era where one-half the mainstream media is obsessed by celebrity and the other is distracted by digital metrics, there’s a desperate…

Rarest of Breeds

…e TV company to advance public understanding of undoubtedly the greatest challenge we face. Hamilton Fish is the publisher of The Washington Spectator….

A More Perfect Union

…nt majority around a progressive agenda. Hamilton Fish, the publisher of this newsletter, is a former publisher of The Nation magazine and a producer of the films of Marcel Ophuls. Also in this issue: The Supreme Court vs. Black Voters in Alabama and…

Publisher’s Note

We welcome our readers to this first issue of the Washington Spectator’s new monthly format. It’s still the portable Spectator, but there’s more space for the longer reporting pieces readers have requested—you’ll see the dividend when you read Lou Du…

Note from the Publisher

With the publication of this issue, our staff begins an annual winter break. Your next issue of the Spectator will be dated February 1 and will reflect several exciting new features. In our continuing effort to provide in-depth, independent journalis…

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