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Category: Foreign Policy

Two States of Denial

by M.J. Rosenberg | Jan 3, 2014 | Foreign Policy

I had a good laugh when I saw The New York Times story last week with the headline: “Members of Jewish Student Group Test Permissible Discussion On Israel.” The piece told of the decision by the Hillel Jewish student society at Swarthmore College to break with the national organization over its ban on discussions of […]

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Cholera in Haiti: The Cost of Foreign Intervention

by Manuel Barcia | Dec 4, 2013 | Foreign Policy

(Source: NPR) The Artibonite River is the most important river in the island of La Hispaniola. Its sources are in the Dominican Republic, but the majority of its course is to be found in Haiti until its waters meet the Caribbean Sea at the Gulf of Gonâve. The river constitutes a lifeline for hundreds of […]

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The Democrat’s Conspicuous Silence on Iran

by M.J. Rosenberg | Dec 3, 2013 | Foreign Policy

(Source: Reuters via Business Insider) It didn’t take long for one prominent neocon to figure out that the Iran deal—and the prospect of ending the stalemate with Iran without recourse to war—has put the Democrats in a box. In the normal course of affairs, Democrats would be ecstatic about the agreement that Secretary of State […]

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Sandbagging Negotiations between U.S. and Iran

by M.J. Rosenberg | Nov 19, 2013 | Foreign Policy

(Source: CNN) Think about it. The Obama administration is close to an agreement with the Iranian government to achieve a decade’s long goal. Iran would give up any plans it might have to develop nuclear weapons (verified by international inspections) in exchange for the lifting of some international sanctions that are doing significant damage to […]

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Turning a Dream into a Nightmare

by M.J. Rosenberg | Nov 8, 2013 | Foreign Policy

It has never been as clear that Americans who support a secure state of Israel have an obligation to oppose the Netanyahu government. That is not as daring as it sounds. Opposing Prime Minister Netanyahu only requires backing the efforts of our own government to achieve an Israeli-Palestinian agreement and a nuclear deal with Iran. […]

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