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Category: Foreign Policy

America’s Curious Hatred of the United Nations

by WS Editors | Jul 15, 2006 | Foreign Policy, Politics

In Max Frisch’s play The Fire Raisers, the respectable Herr Biedermann prefers to accept the palpably thin excuses that his tenants offer as they haul wagonloads of incendiary materials into his house, because that is easier than taking any action. Something like that is happening now. While the congressional and media types who magnify molehills of […]

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An Ancient Group’s Struggle Provides Clues To the Future of the Middle East

by Kevin McKiernan | Jul 1, 2006 | Foreign Policy

Editor’s note: A new book, The Kurds: A People in Search of Their Homeland, by Kevin McKiernan, recently caught our eye. It’s at once a history of the largest ethnic group in the world without their own state and a contemporary account of the Kurdish role in the war in Iraq. As the book makes clear, […]

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Stalling on Haditha | Lieberman’s Lonely Road | Our Endangered National Parks

by WS Editors | Jul 1, 2006 | Environment, Foreign Policy

Handling Haditha—The killing of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi bumped news of Haditha off the front page, blunting public impact of the incident, in which U.S. troops stand accused of killing 24 Iraqi civilians and then covering it up. On the day of Zarqawi’s death, the State Department’s coordinator for Iraq said, “Haditha is a serious issue […]

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How Invading Iraq Has Set Back Democracy In the Middle East

by Dilip Hiro | Jun 1, 2006 | Foreign Policy, National Security

Editor’s note: We’ve offered many critiques of the Bush administration’s decision to invade Iraq. But what we like about the case advanced by the author Dilip Hiro is that he takes the administration at its word that the real motive behind the invasion was to seed democracy in the volatile Middle East and thereby increase […]

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Bush Relatives Keep Cashing In With Military Contracts

by WS Editors | May 15, 2006 | Foreign Policy, Politics

While U.S. military personnel fight and die, and Iraqis die from injury or disease in their war-blighted communities, Washington insiders, including relatives of the president, continue to benefit financially from the war. The total extent of war profiteering under this administration exceeds the scope of a newsletter or even of a full-length book. Halliburton, the […]

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