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Category: Politics

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

by Hamilton Fish | Jan 15, 2004 | Politics

Editor’s note: We recently saw a newspaper headline that said: “Older Americans Find New Medicare Law Confusing.” Senior citizens are not the only ones. So do hospitals, doctors, newsmen and many of the members of Congress who passed the Medicare bill. The Congressional Budget Office predicts that the bill that some are already saying changes […]

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WMD Deception | Anti-Bush Books | What Congress? | Sticking Up for Albright

by Editor | Jan 15, 2004 | Politics

More Evidence—Now comes another official finding about President Bush and Iraq, adding to the assertions that he exaggerated, if not fabricated, his pre-war, invasion-justifying claim that Saddam Hussein was accumulating nuclear material for weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), none of which alleged weapons have been found to exist. After months of closeted meetings, a 16-member […]

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For Bush—and Us—The Devil Is in the Details

by Letter to Editor | Jan 1, 2004 | Politics

Editor’s note: We recently got a spam e-mail reporting that the Supreme Court had ruled that there could be no Nativity scene in Washington this Christmas because there were no wise men and no virgins in the nation’s capital. But it said there was no problem in finding enough asses to fill the stable. As […]

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