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Category: The Wide Angle

Background Extraterrestrial Aliens Spaceship over city in night sky

The Wide Angle: Is a UFO Hoax a Ticking Time-bomb for Biden?

by Dave Troy | Feb 27, 2024 | The Wide Angle

Is there life elsewhere in the universe? Statistically, it’s likely. But don’t count on the tightly-knit band of UFO activists who have monopolized the subject to be the ones to deliver the news. For decades, a highly entrepreneurial group of researchers, scientists, and journalists has been at the center of the movement to “disclose” the […]

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Head shot of Vladimir Putin looking at the camera with a slight smile.

The Wide Angle: Washington Has Lost the Plot

by Dave Troy | Dec 18, 2023 | National Security, The Wide Angle

Official Washington has lost the plot, and I’ve never been more frightened for the future of America. No, I’m not talking about the fear of losing our democracy to authoritarian theocrats, though that remains a constant existential threat. I’m concerned that the pro-democracy “good guys” have settled into a debilitating groupthink. To use the Rumsfeldian […]

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Flag of the Republic of China or Taiwan on a processor, CPU Central processing Unit or GPU microchip on a motherboard.

The Wide Angle: Reality in Taiwan Differs from Perception in DC

by Dave Troy | Nov 9, 2023 | Foreign Policy, The Wide Angle

It has become an article of faith in Washington circles that conflict between China and Taiwan is a palpably real near-term concern. Most recently this idea has been given new life because funding for Taiwan is baked into the Biden administration’s massive $105 billion aid bill for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan — even though the […]

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Matt Gaetz speaking into a microphone in front of a video screen showing an American flag.

The Wide Angle: The Resurgence of the 70 Percent

by Dave Troy | Jul 5, 2023 | Economy, The Wide Angle

The debt ceiling standoff revealed the presence of an interesting statistic, hiding in plain sight: 70 percent. The House averted financial disaster by passing a debt ceiling compromise with a vote of 314 out of 435—or 72 percent. The Senate passed its measure 63–36. When the chips are down, Americans overwhelmingly choose stability, sanity, and […]

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Image featuring three people: (from left to right) Elon Musk, Vladimir Vernadsky and Sam Bankman-Fried

The Wide Angle: Understanding TESCREAL — the Weird Ideologies Behind Silicon Valley’s Rightward Turn

by Dave Troy | May 1, 2023 | Politics, The Wide Angle

For decades, the conventional wisdom about Silicon Valley was that it leaned progressive. And by many measures (like donations by Big Tech employees to political candidates), the industry has been aligned with the Democratic politics that dominate the San Francisco Bay Area. But contrarian alternate worldviews held by prominent voices like Elon Musk and Sam […]

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