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Judge Kavanaugh, I Feel For You

by Jules Feiffer

Nov 19, 2018 | Media, Politics


Strip by Jules Feiffer. The Ghost Script, Jules’s new graphic novel, is just out. This piece originally ran in Tablet magazine, at tabletmag.com, and was reprinted with permission in the November issue of The Spectator.

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  1. trump is an imposter, charlatan, sham, fraud, carnival barker, con man, numbskull.

  2. Wonderful article – this is the reason I love the Spectator! Please continue.

  3. This bit of graphic art is a witty blending of political and personal tragedy. How can the human body withstand such an onslaught for 50 years? Will the democratic body politic survive the presence of Kavanaugh amongst the Supremes? At the age of 80 Feiffer is not only still here, but still creative. Thanks for re-publishing this marvelous cartoon.

  4. Jules Feiffer, I thought you were going to say you felt for Kavanaugh because of the remorse he must feel about the way he ascended to the highest court in the land. Unfortunately I doubt if Kavanaugh felt any guilt for railroading the legal system to get what he wanted.
    Mr. Feiffer you are much too kind to Brett Kavanaugh. Unlike you, Justice Kavanaugh has no redeemable qualities, nor does Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Grassley, Lindsey Graham, Justice Kennedy, the Federalist Society, or all of the low lives who crammed Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court to forward their own interests, against those of the American public. What a shameful period in American history.

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