24198561592_349a22b79a_kSump Trump

Looking for votes in Reddit’s basement

By Hannah Gais

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign draws energy from its rowdy, often racist, internet fans. On Wednesday evening it embraced the unhinged shitposters who make up the candidate’s loudest fan base in all their meme-tastic glory.

Trump—who we now know can use a computer (or at least pose with it)—took to Reddit, or more exactly, to the alt-right-loving subreddit, /r/The_Donald for his first AMA (ask me anything). While AMAs have become one of the network’s more popular offerings, even among infrequent users, they’re usually coordinated by moderators from a subreddit that deals exclusively with these sorts of events. Anyone can ask anything. Your question may not be answered if, say, President Barack Obama is the featured guest, although in a lot of cases, the issue is the volume, not necessarily the content.


AskerlerTurkey Turns Back the Clock

The winners and losers in the coup against Erdogan

By Scott Ritter

The modern news cycle is short, so what happened three weeks ago in Ankara and Istanbul already reads like an old story. Yet it is a story we ignore at our own risk, because the consequences of the coup in Turkey are considerable and will be with us for a long while.

The roots of the shocking July 15–16 coup lay in Turkey’s conflict with the Kurds, its involvement in the Syrian crisis, and the deterioration of Turkish security that has resulted. While the Turkish Army has long opposed any significant ground incursion into Syria, the Turkish Air Force has been an active proponent of a no-fly zone over northern Syria as the best means of reducing the flow of Syrian refugees into Turkey and inducing stability, as well as containing the political aspirations of Syrian Kurds. But Turkey could not create such a no-fly zone on its own or engender any meaningful support from the United States or NATO.


9287609827_7d77656d07_kSentimental Journeys

How to feel good while watching the planet burn

By Alyssa Battistoni Read

Wash Spec Trump Press and MexicoTrumpismo Rattles Mexico

Trump’s message has crossed the border

By Lou Dubose Read

Fusil_photographique_Marey2Dark Passages

Hollywood, tabloids, and images of criminality at the Met

By Isabel Ortiz Read

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