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Category: Books

On the GOP’s Moribund Moderates

by Michael Lind | May 1, 2013 | Books

Between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter lies the asteroid belt, which consists of the pieces of a potential planet that never formed because gravitational forces tore its components apart. What remains are chunks of rock and metal that occasionally flame out in the earth’s atmosphere as falling stars. In Rule and Ruin: The Downfall […]

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Lou Dubose on new George W. Bush presidential library: It’s a neocon rehash of terms that led us to war

by Lou Dubose | Apr 2, 2013 | Books, Politics

The presidential library of George W. Bush opens next month. A central aim of the new library appears to be the rehabilitation of Bush’s presidency, primarily by distancing him from the Iraq War and by drawing him closer to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. MSNBC’s Al Sharpton was characteristically outraged on Friday and […]

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Book Review: Germany’s Power Play

by Kate Gordon | Apr 1, 2013 | Books, Environment

President Barack Obama could not have been clearer about the urgency of now: “For the sake of our children and our future, we must do more to combat climate change,” he said in his State of the Union address. He issued a call to action—and a threat: “I urge this Congress to pursue a bipartisan, […]

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Inbox: The Leveretts’ Brave Book

by WS Editors | Mar 26, 2013 | Books, Foreign Policy

The authors of Going to Tehran: Why the United States Must Come to Terms with the Islamic Republic of Iran, Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett, support the Islamic Republic of Iran, a fundamentalist totalitarian regime. Their book (reviewed by Chase Madar in “Obama in Tehran,” March 2013) is full of hypocrisy and blatant misrepresentation. […]

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Obama in Tehran

by Chase Madar | Mar 1, 2013 | Books

The most annoying adage of American diplomacy is surely “Only Nixon could go to China,” as it credits the 37th president with solving a problem that he did more than anyone to create during his tricky career of redbaiting, fearmongering and saber-rattling. U.S. diplomatic recognition of the People’s Republic of China should have been a […]

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