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Libby Gets His Comeuppance—But the Press Still Needs a Federal Shield Law

by WS Editors | Dec 1, 2005 | Legal Affairs, Media

One of the older conventional wisdoms in our nation’s capital is that any president who tries to plug leaks in the ship of state is engaged in a futile, self-defeating exercise. The leaker(s) can never be definitively identified, and any attempt to do so involves tactics more familiar to a police state and likely to […]

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Why George W. Bush Is Really Our King

by Ian Williams | Nov 15, 2005 | Books, Politics

No one could blame President Bush for wanting to get out of town after the end of October. He’d just experienced what non-partisan political observer Charles Cook dubbed “the worst week of the worst month of the worst year of the Bush presidency.” The president’s approval ratings sagged to an all-time low of less than […]

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The Politics (and Profits) of Information: The 9/11 Commission One Year Later

by WS Editors | Nov 1, 2005 | Media, National Security

The commission that investigated the events of 9/11 has been highly praised and sharply criticized, but one aspect of its task has virtually escaped notice: its responsibility to leave behind a complete, lasting, and easily accessible public record of its investigation. For all the good work that the panel did, some of its decisions have […]

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Cindy and the Media | Talk of Iraq Withdrawal in Congress | It’s Getting Hot in Here

by WS Editors | Sep 1, 2005 | Foreign Policy, Media

What Took the Media So Long?—Cindy Sheehan is not a recent phenomenon, even though the mainstream media are treating her as such. She began speaking out after her son Casey’s death on April 4, 2004, forming a small organization, Gold Star Families for Peace, and contributing to the antiwar website LewRockwell.com. In March, The Nation featured Sheehan on […]

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A New Book Smearing Senator Clinton Sells Well

by Fredric Alan Maxwell | Aug 1, 2005 | Books, Politics

It is called: The Truth About Hillary: What She Knew, When She Knew It, and How Far She’ll Go to Become President. It is by Edward Klein, and has a title almost as slimy as its text. The Klein book, with its ugly rhetoric, insinuations and smears, has dropped from No. 2 to No. 4 on […]

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