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Home From the War: The 200-Year Struggle of Returning Soldiers for Their Rights

by Paul Dickson, Tom Allen | Apr 1, 2005 | Books, Foreign Policy

The next time you see one of those yellow “Support Our Troops” ribbons on a passing car think about what happens after the soldiers come home from war. They become veterans, and supporting veterans usually costs more money than a supposedly grateful nation cares to spend. This seems to happen after every war, but now […]

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Crackdown on C.E.O. Crooks | Our “Liberal” Supreme Court | The Senate’s Nuclear Deterrant

by WS Editors | Mar 15, 2005 | Media, Politics

An Enron Echo—According to the Wall Street Journal the federal tax collectors at the Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.) have belatedly learned enough about corporate tax chiseling from the infamous Enron Corporation big wigs that they are now cracking down on other “highly compensated executives.” The Journal says that what’s at stake is “a range of executive compensation issues, including […]

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The Senate’s Elder Statesman | Pundits in the Pockets of the White House | BushSpeak

by WS Editors | Mar 1, 2005 | Media, Politics

The Senior Senator—At the age of 87, Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) is reported to be preparing for election to his ninth six-year term in what its members like to call the “upper body.” Byrd began his Congressional career in 1952 with four years in the “lower body” and moved from the House of Representatives to […]

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How News Is Reported—or Not Reported—Can Make It Worse

by WS Editors | Feb 1, 2005 | Media, Politics

We were not alone in finding that the extravagant, massively policed, $40-million presidential inauguration parade and the chief executive’s wimpy acceptance speech, followed by the 10 expensive ballroom galas, were bad news. A headline in the New York Times Week in Review section called the Bush oration “A Speech About Nothing, Something, Everything.” In his 21-minute inaugural […]

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It’s Really the Selectoral or Ejectoral College and Needs to Go

by George C. Edwards III | Jan 15, 2005 | Books, Politics

To most of us the Electoral College is so inscrutable and immutable that we don’t grasp how much it is also so undemocratic and inequitable. Now we have just seen it go through its antique antics again. Under the chairmanship of Vice President Dick Cheney, a joint session of Congress met in the House of […]

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