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Voting with Amendment 4

Republican Poll Tax Declared Unconstitutional By U.S. Judge

by Andrew Cohen | Jun 15, 2020 | Elections

The federal trial judge who stood up for the voting rights of ex-offenders in Florida last month crafted a shrewd ruling designed both to highlight the weakness of the state’s arguments and to insulate his conclusions as much as possible from the conservative judges who will review the case. But more than that, U.S. District […]

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Map of USA reflecting 2018 midterm election results

P.O. Boxes, Gender, Ford, Kansas (Really?), Felons, Suburbs, Exact Matches—These Midterms Had It All

by Hamilton Fish | Jan 14, 2019 | Elections, Politics

November’s midterm elections served up a revised portrait of our political landscape, with harbingers of hardening political fault lines and clues to the future direction of the country. The national map was remade by the introduction of new pockets of blue in places where before there had been only, or mostly, red. To Democratic National […]

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An Election for the Soul of America

by Andrew Cohen | Nov 5, 2018 | Elections, Politics

The election Tuesday isn’t so much a battle between what America is and what it aspires to be, as it is about what will happen when the two “real” versions of America clash at the ballot box. There is the “real” America that woke up this morning believing the country is about to be invaded […]

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I Voted Sticker

Voting Rights on Life Support in the Age of Trump

by Andrew Cohen | Oct 19, 2018 | Elections, Politics

Two events occurred in 2008 that help explain why we live today in a new age of voter suppression. Everyone talks about the second occurrence, the election of Barack Obama in November and the wave of explicit white racism that followed it, when explaining why so many Republican officials now are so eager deny their […]

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Will Voters in Maryland Elect Ben Jealous Their First Black Governor?

by Karen Houppert | Oct 3, 2018 | Elections, Politics

On a Sunday morning in September, Maryland Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ben Jealous is in church—of course. In fact, it is his third Baltimore-area church service that morning, beginning at Woodlawn’s sprawling, suburban Morning Star Baptist at 7 a.m., moving on to the nearby New Psalmist Baptist megachurch with at least a thousand congregants by 9:30 […]

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