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Category: Economy

One Nation Divided by Wealth

by David Cay Johnston | Dec 1, 2014 | Economy

  Government policy is the wedge dividing the very richest from everyone else in America. The gap between the have-mores and have-nots will narrow and widen now and then as the economy contracts and expands, but over the long run, this chasm will become ever wider unless we change current government rules. As Eric Schneiderman, […]

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Under the Wheel of Capitalism

by William T. Vollmann | Dec 1, 2014 | Books, Economy

  Germany, 1918: “A scraggly band of child rebels, we met secretly in attics … We were taught by men who claimed they were deserters from the navy to hate the rich, to tell the poor they must rise in a body and fight …” U.S.A., 2014: “I know a lot of people think that […]

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Narcissists Gone Wild!

by Sam Pizzigati | Aug 1, 2014 | Economy

  Narcissists don’t happen to be particularly nice people. They preen. They grab. And they never ever really feel our pain. Extremely self-centered people, some fascinating new business school research shows, also don’t make for particularly effective corporate CEOs. This new research—conducted by business school analysts at the University of Southern California and the University of Arizona—examines […]

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Are We Really Doomed?

by Dean Baker | Jul 23, 2014 | Economy

  The French economist Thomas Piketty has managed to accomplish a feat almost without precedent among economists in this country. He wrote a book that has made it to the top of the best seller list. Furthermore, the book is almost 700 pages long and borrows its title from Karl Marx. The remarkable popularity of […]

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Want Fries with That Subsidy?

by Lou Dubose | Jun 28, 2014 | Economy

  Almost 60 percent of food-service workers are classified as low wage, the highest percentage in any industry. A report by the Institute for Policy Studies released in April—“Restaurant Industry Pay: Taxpayers’ Double Burden”—examines the winners and losers in an industry as American as the Big Mac. Workers, unsurprisingly, don’t fare well. Big corporate restaurant […]

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