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McCain’s Gramm Problem | Goodbye to All Those Pastors

by WS Editors | Jun 15, 2008 | Economy, Politics

Death and Taxes—UBS stock has fallen from $52 a share, to $23 a share, over the past six months. And now UBS executive Phil Gramm’s political stock is also tanking. Gramm has been doing much of the economic thinking for John McCain, after stepping in and reorganizing the McCain campaign when it appeared to be […]

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Phil Gramm is John McCain’s Economic Brain

by WS Editors | Apr 15, 2008 | Economy, Politics

WONDERING ABOUT THE BESPECTACLED OLD WHITE GUY on the campaign plane with Senator John McCain? Former Texas senator Phil Gramm is McCain’s economic brain, doing much of the policy thinking in regard to that subject for the Republican presidential nominee, who admits that finance and the economy are weaknesses he needs to master. If most […]

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It’s Time to Build a New Corporate Democracy

by Ian Williams | Mar 15, 2008 | Economy, Politics

Editor’s note: Massachusetts Democrat Barney Frank, who chairs the House Financial Services Committee, got his “say-on-pay” bill through the House last year by a 269-134 vote. A companion bill in the Senate, filed by Barack Obama, has been blocked by Republicans. President Bush threatens to veto the bill, if it does get through the Senate, […]

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Putting Fairness Back into America’s Tax System

by WS Editors | Apr 15, 2007 | Economy, Politics

Democrats in Congress have convened a series of hearings on tax policy that could lead to long-overdue changes. With this forum and the energy generated by the 2008 presidential campaigns, they have the opportunity to reverse the Bush administration’s tax cuts for the rich, rejecting the notion of making them permanent, as well as to […]

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New York’s Novel Plan | A Carbon Problem for GM | Judging CEOs by Their Houses

by WS Editors | Apr 15, 2007 | Economy, Environment

Wonderful Town—It might seem odd for a billionaire to develop a radical plan to help the poor. But New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, a possible independent presidential candidate for 2008, has done so in a typically unconventional manner. Stay in school, go to the dentist, take a higher education course or get job training […]

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