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Category: Economy

Republics Rising from the Ashes

by John Stoehr | Aug 1, 2012 | Books, Economy

Reviewed: Land of Promise: An Economic History of The United States, by Michael Lind (Harper, 592 pp., $29.99). America is fickle. Or at least our economic history is. According to Michael Lind, author of Land of Promise, we can’t make up our minds about the role of the federal government in the economy, and the result […]

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Minimum Wage and the Court

by WS Editors | Jul 15, 2012 | Economy, Politics

The minimum wage was ushered into existence by a Republican Supreme Court Justice switching sides on 
a constitutional test before the Court, much as the Affordable Care Act has been. Justice Owen Roberts was 
a solid vote on Republican Supreme Court that in 1932–34 had dismantled most of FDR’s New Deal legislation. In response, Roosevelt […]

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Stealth Stimulus: Why Democrats Are Foolish Not to Try to Raise the Minimum Wage

by WS Editors | Jul 15, 2012 | Economy, Politics

“Where are the Democrats on the minimum wage? Where’s Pelosi? Where’s George Miller? Where’s Trumka?” Ralph Nader asked me. It was a rhetorical question, another reminder from Nader that Democrats have gone missing on issues the party once owned. As have the institutions that extend the party’s reach; AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka isn’t exactly leading on […]

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Occupy’s Banking Instincts

by WS Editors | Jul 15, 2012 | Economy

Occupy Wall Street is gone from Zuccotti Park and most public spaces, yet the protest movement that came to life last September is still alive, often working in small, focused groups. In May, I contacted Cathy O’Neil, who facilitates one of two OWS Alternative Banking groups that meet weekly in New York. “We just submitted an […]

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Legal Dislikes

by WS Editors | Jun 15, 2012 | Economy, Media

Equities analyst Barry Ritholtz wasn’t buying Facebook or its initial public offering. In a May 22 blog post, he described Mark Zuckerberg as an arrogant, 28-year-old man-child and said that the social network “went public more or less unlawfully over the past two years, allowing 1000s (or more) of outside investors to acquire substantial stakes […]

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