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Category: Foreign Policy

Moscow Deal: Winners and Losers

by Helena Cobban | Sep 10, 2013 | Foreign Policy

(Source: Reuters) As of now, the Moscow deal looks like win-win-win for everyone with legitimate interests in the Syria situation. Winners First of all and most importantly, it is a win for the vast majority of the Syrian people—those who are desperate for an end to the conflict and want nothing more than to go […]

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The Hill to the Rescue on Syria? Don’t Hold Your Breath

by Andrew J. Bacevich | Sep 8, 2013 | Foreign Policy

(Source: AP) Sometimes history happens at the moment when no one is looking. On weekends in late August, the president of the United States ought to be playing golf or loafing at Camp David, not making headlines. Yet Barack Obama chose Labor Day weekend to unveil arguably the most consequential foreign policy shift of his […]

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An Inside Look at How AIPAC Beats War Drum on Capitol Hill

by M.J. Rosenberg | Sep 4, 2013 | Foreign Policy

The media today is full of stories about AIPAC and its decision to push for a “yes” vote on Syria to ensure that President Obama initiates the war it really wants, with Iran. Check out this Washington Post story. There is simply no way AIPAC and its camp followers would do this for Syria. Israel […]

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Congress Will Likely Approve Strikes on Syria

by M.J. Rosenberg | Sep 2, 2013 | Foreign Policy

(Source: Pete Souza) The New York Times has a pretty shocking revelation on page one this weekend. White House correspondent Mark Landler reveals (after interviewing unnamed senior Obama aides) that the “most compelling” reason the president is seeking Congressional authorization to strike Syria may be this: …acting alone would undercut him if in the next […]

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Syria: Should We Stay or Should We Go?

by Samir Chopra | Aug 27, 2013 | Foreign Policy

(Source: ABC News) The latest reports of the use of chemical weapons in Syria—by Assad’s regime against civilians—render a consideration of the arguments for intervention in Syria ever more urgent, especially as part of the existent case against intervention has rested on a skeptical assessment of previous reports of the use of chemical weapons. In […]

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