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Jamie Dimon, Peter Thiel, Steve Bannon, J.D. Vance, Frederick Neitzche, Donald Trump and George III

Electoral Helter-Skelter in 2024

by Mark Medish and Joel McCleary | Jun 21, 2024 | Election 2024

The American Republic is ripe for a hostile takeover. In the go-go 1990s — when “the end of history,” the primacy of market economics and galloping globalization were dominant metaphors for elite commentators — a joke circulated around the Goldman Sachs trading floor that it was high time to take the United States of America […]

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Hochul Murder Mystery

by Charles Komanoff | Jun 11, 2024 | Economy

Not two months ago, in a brief history of how congestion pricing triumphed in New York, I canonized New York Governor Kathy Hochul, placing her alongside transportation legends Bill Vickrey (Nobel-winning traffic theorist), Ted Kheel (transit-finance savant), and the upstart Riders Alliance that in 2019 achieved what previous campaigners could not: legislation mandating a revolutionary […]

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Washington / USA - Dec 6, 2019: Pentagon Building aerial view in Washington DC, USA

Pentagon Strikes Back Against Claims of Alien Invaders

by Art Levine | May 29, 2024 | National Security

For nearly a century, there has been a never-ending narrative about UFOs crashing to Earth. The public has been bombarded with ever-more lurid tales about how the Pentagon and military contractors have been “reverse engineering” alien spacecraft they were secretly keeping hidden from public view — along with the remains of aliens they allegedly retrieved. […]

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Do I Look Like a Guy Who Needs Hookers?

by Bob Dreyfuss | May 20, 2024 | Politics

We’ve heard a lot during the hush-money trial in New York about Donald Trump’s treatment of and attitude toward women. And, regardless of the trial’s ultimate outcome, what we’ve heard curiously resonates with past allegations — never quite substantiated and perhaps too often simply dismissed — about a decade-old incident involving the former president and […]

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Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump shaking hands

The Wide Angle: Trump’s Peace Plan? Nuclear Blackmail.

by Dave Troy | Apr 30, 2024 | Foreign Policy, The Wide Angle

A little-remembered magazine interview from 1987 may hold clues about what Trump and Putin are ultimately up to. What was on Trump’s mind back then — besides dispensing unsolicited foreign policy advice in full page newspaper ads? Nothing less than making a deal with the Soviets to jointly seize the world’s nuclear weapons and thus […]

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