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Kevin McCarty and Joe Biden in the Oval Office.

Kill the Debt Ceiling!

by Steven Pressman | Jun 28, 2023 | Economy

The debt ceiling—the maximum amount the federal government can borrow—is an anachronistic relic from World War I. Enacted by Congress in 1917, it allowed President Wilson to fight the war without waiting for lawmakers to return to Washington and vote to increase spending. Not wanting to give the president a blank check, Congress limited borrowing […]

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President Joe Biden

How Biden Ends the Phony Debt Crisis: The Law is Clear – Here’s The Speech

by Jonathan M. Winer | May 9, 2023 | Economy, Politics

Resolving some hostage crises – as when Putin grabs American basketball players and Wall Street Journal reporters – can require making difficult trade-offs with thugs. But the refusal of Congressional Republicans to lift the debt ceiling is not one of them. The U.S. Constitution is clear that no law, of any kind, trumps the mandate […]

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Image featuring three people: (from left to right) Elon Musk, Vladimir Vernadsky and Sam Bankman-Fried

The Wide Angle: Understanding TESCREAL — the Weird Ideologies Behind Silicon Valley’s Rightward Turn

by Dave Troy | May 1, 2023 | Politics, The Wide Angle

For decades, the conventional wisdom about Silicon Valley was that it leaned progressive. And by many measures (like donations by Big Tech employees to political candidates), the industry has been aligned with the Democratic politics that dominate the San Francisco Bay Area. But contrarian alternate worldviews held by prominent voices like Elon Musk and Sam […]

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Screenshot for the Documented's video feautring Kelly Shackelford

Non-profit Religious Groups Are Choosing Federal Judges and Changing the Country’s Future

by WS Editors | May 1, 2023 | Politics

The following remarks on stocking the federal courts with judicial candidates chosen by the Religious Right were delivered at the Council for National Policy meeting held in February, 2020 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Dana Point, California. The speaker is Kelly Shackelford, who at the time was President and Chief Executive Officer of the […]

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Federal Reserve Bank

Another Banking Crisis in Making?

by Steven Pressman | May 1, 2023 | Economy

Silicon Valley Bank (aka SVB) collapsed on March 10, followed by Signature Bank two days later. Fearing mass panic, the FDIC decided to make whole all deposits at both banks, even though they were insured only up to $250,000. On March 16, First Republic Bank was saved from bankruptcy when several large banks lent it […]

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