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Category: Politics

Aid for Tsunami Victims | Good Election News | U.S. to “Disappear” Suspected Terrorists

by WS Editors | Jan 15, 2005 | Foreign Policy, Politics

Off the Air—It took President Bush three days from the time of the tsunami disaster to meet with reporters at his Texas ranch. He told them that the United States would send $15 million in foreign aid to help the victims of the earthquake and tidal wave in southern Asia, a historic cataclysm that has […]

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For the Democrats, Happy Days Aren’t Here Again and May Be Far Awa

by WS Editors | Jan 1, 2005 | Politics

The hard-right Heritage Foundation recently mailed a warning that the Democratic left is “angrier than ever” and “continues to be a danger to our country,” so “we need to take these people seriously.” Take them seriously? As Will Rogers put it, “I am not a member of any organized party—I am a Democrat.” For the […]

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From Tuesday Night to Wednesday Mourning

by WS Editors | Dec 1, 2004 | Politics

They’re fleeing the jurisdiction of Bush & Co., Inc., and you can hardly blame them. The departure of Attorney General John Ashcroft is a godsend for us all, even President Bush. And there is a rush of others. The retirement of Secretary of State Colin Powell was no surprise. He was conned on Iraq by […]

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Mission Finally Accomplished—Four More Years of the Political Right

by WS Editors | Nov 15, 2004 | Books, Politics

You might have thought that, three years after a devastating terrorist attack on American soil, a period which has featured two wars, radical political and economic legislation, and an adjustment to one of the biggest stock market crashes in history, the campaign for the presidency would be an especially elevated and notable affair. If so, […]

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Newspapers Voted Too | Bad Bets | List of Lies | Mercks Misdeeds | Praise to the Max

by WS Editors | Nov 15, 2004 | Books, Politics

The Liberal Press?—Maybe so—a little. The media magazine Editor & Publisher found that 36 newspapers that ran editorials endorsing the election of Bush in 2000 flip-flopped this year and went for Kerry. All told, Kerry led Bush in editorial endorsements, 142 to 123. The pro-Kerry list included the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, thePhiladelphia Inquirer, the Detroit […]

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