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Good News, Bad News about News

by Emily Schwartz Greco and William A. Collins | Apr 2, 2014 | Culture, Media

  There’s some good news about the news business for a change. The big head wound traditional media venues like newspapers and TV suffered with the advent of Internet ads is starting to heal. The bleeding has either stopped or slowed to a less-painful trickle for most divisions of the Fourth Estate, according to the […]

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Progressive Budget’s Media Blackout

by Peter Hart | Mar 18, 2014 | Media

  What if lawmakers put forward a federal budget plan to tax big financial institutions, enact a healthcare public option and increase spending to put millions of Americans to work on badly needed infrastructure projects? They did. You just didn’t read or hear much about it. If Paul Ryan had proposed it, you would have […]

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More to News Than Newspapers

by Marc Cooper | Feb 1, 2014 | Books, Media

  To paraphrase Desi Arnaz, American journalists “have a lot of esplainin’ to do.” How is it that in this media-marinated era, where more information is more available to more people than ever before in history, so many can be so massively misinformed? How is it that so many can ignore the cold science of […]

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filepicker-lqnORXgISKqLkHvTdy5B J Edgar Hoover

Spying: The Great American Tradition

by Geoff Rips | Jan 31, 2014 | Media

You’ve got to figure that a form of government that has lasted for more than two centuries has accrued and created some mechanisms to protect its longevity, which may not be entirely a function of ideological strength and the faith of its citizenry.

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When the Business Press Made Fraud Seem Normal

by Jim Sleeper | Jan 16, 2014 | Economy, Media

In 1920 the New Republic ran “A Test of the News,” a special supplement to the magazine (published soon after as the book Liberty and the News) by Walter Lippmann and Charles Merz showing that in the three and a half years since the Bolshevik revolution, the New York Times had reported “not what was, […]

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