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Category: Foreign Policy

Reviewing the First 100 Hours | Spoiling for a Fight With Iran | Turn Down the Heat!

by WS Editors | Feb 1, 2007 | Foreign Policy, Politics

Quick Out of the Blocks—In a mode of efficiency unusual on Capitol Hill, especially among Democrats, the new majority passed their first 100-hour package of legislation in just 42 and a half legislative hours, according to the official clock on the House floor. Although the Associated Press counted 87 hours, it was hard to argue […]

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The U.S. Can’t Bring Peace to Iraq, But Muslim Nations Can

by Dilip Hiro | Jan 1, 2007 | Foreign Policy

The good news is that the report by the Iraq Study Group (ISG), entitled “The Way Forward: A New Approach,” has unleashed a public debate in the United States. Three out of four Americans responding to the latest USA Today/Gallup poll support its key policy recommendations. The bad news is that the bipartisan ISG, co-chaired by James Baker, […]

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Do-Nothing Foreign Policy | Election Ammunition | Republican Airwaves

by WS Editors | Aug 1, 2006 | Foreign Policy, Media

Wanted: A Foreign Policy—Since the Bush administration decided to abandon its doctrine of pre-emptive military force in the wreckage and rubble of Iraq, conservative hawks have begun labeling President Bush “weak,” “soft,” and “Clintonian.” The cover of Time heralded “the end of cowboy diplomacy.” The establishment journal Foreign Affairs echoed this with “The End of the Bush Revolution.” All […]

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America’s Curious Hatred of the United Nations

by WS Editors | Jul 15, 2006 | Foreign Policy, Politics

In Max Frisch’s play The Fire Raisers, the respectable Herr Biedermann prefers to accept the palpably thin excuses that his tenants offer as they haul wagonloads of incendiary materials into his house, because that is easier than taking any action. Something like that is happening now. While the congressional and media types who magnify molehills of […]

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An Ancient Group’s Struggle Provides Clues To the Future of the Middle East

by Kevin McKiernan | Jul 1, 2006 | Foreign Policy

Editor’s note: A new book, The Kurds: A People in Search of Their Homeland, by Kevin McKiernan, recently caught our eye. It’s at once a history of the largest ethnic group in the world without their own state and a contemporary account of the Kurdish role in the war in Iraq. As the book makes clear, […]

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