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Category: Foreign Policy

Turkey Turns Back the Clock

by Scott Ritter | Jul 27, 2016 | Foreign Policy, Politics

Photo Credit: Vikiçizer   The modern news cycle is short, so what happened three weeks ago in Ankara and Istanbul already reads like an old story. Yet it is a story we ignore at our own risk, because the consequences of the coup in Turkey are considerable and will be with us for a long […]

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Trumpismo Rattles Mexico

by Lou Dubose | Jul 19, 2016 | Election 2016, Foreign Policy

Edel Rodríguez   Mexico City Donald Trump has connected with the Mexican public in a way that no other American politician ever has. Talk to a cab driver, a group of kids at a gay pride rally, a high school teacher, a woman scratching out an existence selling churros on a street corner—everyone, it seems, […]

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Taking Things Back

by Linda Kinstler | Jul 14, 2016 | Election 2016, Foreign Policy

Trump in Scotland in 2012. Photo Credit: Friends of the Earth Scotland/Maverick Photo Agency   “You have here, Gentlemen, said the Earl, two of the noblest objects that can entertain the eye, the finest river, and the greatest city in the world,” begins Scottish politician Andrew Fletcher’s 1703 Account of a Conversation, a fictional dialogue […]

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Alt-Right Emboldened

by Hannah Gais | Jun 28, 2016 | Election 2016, Foreign Policy, Politics

Image Credit: European Union 2012 EP/Pietro Naj-Oleari   While it’s too soon to tell what effect Brexit will have on the U.S. election in November, it’ll undoubtedly act as a shot in the arm for a resurgent far-right. Trump’s campaign has already energized the once-struggling white nationalist movement. Brexit—living proof that virulently nativist politics can […]

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Behind the Brexit

by Gordon Adams | Jun 27, 2016 | Foreign Policy, Politics

Photo Credit: Theophilos Papadopoulos   The elites really are out of touch!  Watch out for the consequences. On the morning after votes were counted in the United Kingdom, I sat for an hour on a conference call hosted by the Atlantic Council, where the “policy 1 percent” talked about the implications of the British vote to […]

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