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Congress Enters the Terri Schiavo Debate | Morally Bankrupt Legislation | Overweight Kids

by WS Editors | Apr 1, 2005 | Legal Affairs

Out of Town—But not soon enough? Just when we were exclaiming “at last!” as the 109th Congress was fleeing the Capitol for a two-week Easter recess, some hard-line Republican conservatives, led by Representative Tom Delay of Texas, maneuvered themselves into the life-or-death case of Terri Schiavo. She is the 41-year-old Florida woman now in her […]

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A Lot of Americans Think We’re Off the Track

by Adam Clymer | Mar 15, 2005 | Politics

After his retirement from the New York Times in 2003, Adam Clymer, our former colleague there in the Washington bureau, where he was an election campaign correspondent and editor, became a political-statistics specialist. He is one of the most probing and even-handed election analysts and is now in charge of the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg Election Survey. […]

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Crackdown on C.E.O. Crooks | Our “Liberal” Supreme Court | The Senate’s Nuclear Deterrant

by WS Editors | Mar 15, 2005 | Media, Politics

An Enron Echo—According to the Wall Street Journal the federal tax collectors at the Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.) have belatedly learned enough about corporate tax chiseling from the infamous Enron Corporation big wigs that they are now cracking down on other “highly compensated executives.” The Journal says that what’s at stake is “a range of executive compensation issues, including […]

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A Family’s House Is Its Castle—Without a Moat

by Perry L. Weed | Mar 1, 2005 | Economy

The real-estate market seems to have become so unreal that we asked a clear-sighted interpreter of the economy, Perry L. Weed, to explain what’s happening. Weed is a retired Washington economist and lawyer whose 30 years in the nation’s capital included Senate and House staff assignments and a position at the U.S. Commerce Department. His […]

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The Senate’s Elder Statesman | Pundits in the Pockets of the White House | BushSpeak

by WS Editors | Mar 1, 2005 | Media, Politics

The Senior Senator—At the age of 87, Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) is reported to be preparing for election to his ninth six-year term in what its members like to call the “upper body.” Byrd began his Congressional career in 1952 with four years in the “lower body” and moved from the House of Representatives to […]

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