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Category: Politics

Get Ready to Yawn—”Conventional” Means “Lacking Originality”

by WS Editor | Aug 1, 2004 | Politics

It all looks so boring and predictable that the three major television networks planned to give it minimum convention coverage, skipping one night entirely. They are scheduling a total of three evening hours during the four-day Democratic and Republican conventions. The Athens Olympics, beginning in August, will get more. At Boston’s security-paranoid FleetCenter, surrounded by […]

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Corporate Crooks in the Dock | Health Care Bandits | Outfoxing Fox

by WS Editor | Aug 1, 2004 | Media, Politics

Enron’s End Run—It’s over. Nearly three years after the collapse of Kenneth Lay’s internally robbed Texas energy company, its former chief executive officera campaign contributor to and friend of President Bush, who called him “Kenny Boy”—has finally been indicted and led into court in handcuffs. He is free on bond. He has pleaded not guilty, […]

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A Corporate Free-for-All Becomes a Fee for All

by WS Editors | Jul 15, 2004 | Foreign Policy, Uncategorized

A COVER-UP—In Iraq, the worst contracts could turn out to be “task-order” agreements. Christopher Yukins, an associate professor of government contract law at George Washington University, told Government Executive magazine in June that task-order contracts are also “non-competitive.” The most infamous of these contracts allowed the Army to hide its procurement of private-sector interrogators at the Abu […]

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Go Granny D! | The White House Plame Game | Cheney’s Potty Mouth | More from Moore

by WS Editors | Jul 15, 2004 | Politics

Still Walking—And talking. And now she’s running. Doris Haddock, also known as “Granny D,” is a 94-year-old activist whose reputation precedes her. In 2000, she ended a 14-month, 3,200 mile cross-country walk from California to Washington, D.C., to rouse support for campaign finance reform. She’s not sitting down yet. “Granny D” will be the Democrat […]

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The Memorial Reminiscences Missed the Mess

by Joe Conason, William Greider | Jul 1, 2004 | Politics

A week in June that was supposed to be a great one for President George W. Bush was eclipsed by the week-long, non-stop televised mourning for President Ronald W. Reagan. In the air on Air Force One, Bush first greeted the Pope—and while in Rome asked top Vatican officials to press American Catholic bishops to […]

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