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Category: Politics

A Reporter Examines Four Decades of Speculation on the Kennedy Assassination

by Max Holland | Oct 1, 2004 | Books, Politics

Editor’s note: Max Holland, a veteran Washington reporter and a contributing editor at theNation magazine, is a longtime investigator of the murder of President John F. Kennedy. He is just out with an exclusive new book, The Kennedy Assassination Tapes: The White House Conversations of Lyndon B. Johnson Regarding the Assassination, the Warren Commission, and the Aftermath. […]

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Drug Company Deceptions | “News That Could Be Verse”

by WS Editors | Oct 1, 2004 | Environment, Legal Affairs

Ask the Internet—“Ask your doctor” is the pitch promoted in all those TV prescription-drug ads. But your doctor may have been influenced to prescribe certain high-priced drugs by the industry’s big-bucks wooing of the medical profession. Among other things, that includes giving doctors free, give-away patient samples of purple pills to encourage expensive drugstore purchases […]

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With Two Months to Go, the G.O.P. Convention Aired a Lot of Distortions

by WS Editors | Sep 15, 2004 | Politics

We noticed a headline in the Washington Post that called the Republican convention in New York an “Electoral Collage.” Our dictionary defines a collage as “an artistic composition made of various materials glued onto a picture, and/or an assembly of fragments.” As the New York Times put it, “for all the lack of real news,” the G.O.P. convention was “intriguing” for […]

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Bush & Co. Preach the Gospel of Deregulation

by WS Editors | Sep 15, 2004 | Politics

Big Government?—Shrinking the federal bureaucracy has been a major target—and touted claim—of the Bush administration. But it turns out that their real objective is to rig government. As the president put it last month in what the Wall Street Journal dubbed “the Bushism of the week”: “Let me put it to you bluntly. In a […]

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Political Cookbooks That Roast the Bush Administration Are Moving Off the Shelves

by Fred Maxwell | Sep 1, 2004 | Books, Politics

Editor’s note: The 9/11 Commission Report, which began with a 600,000-volume press run at $10 a copy, is now number one on the New York Times paperback best-seller list. Reviewers call the well-written and unflinching, 567-page report a “compulsively readable” collection of facts that are “devastating for the Bush administration.” And now the New York Times has brought out a […]

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